Class 1 MELT Re-test

Are you a transition driver that needs to re-test. Or did you get your Class 1 under the farm extension. If so we have options to help you pass the knowledge and driving test.

MELT Knowledge Prep Course $200+gst


Above is the study guide for the MELT knowledge exam – this course will help to narrow down the areas you need to focus on and prepare you to take the MELT knowledge test at registries. Check the calendar for upcoming dates and times and to register on-line.

Class 1 MELT Re-test In-Vehicle Training $770.00+gst

This package gives you 4 hours with the instructor where he will go over all the skills you need to demonstrate during your Class 1 MELT re-test. This also includes use of our truck for the road test. If you find you require more training then we go to hourly training. This package does not cover the cost of your road test permit. The government covers the cost of the first permit, however if you are required to re-test a second time then you will be required to pay for the permit and a second use of our truck fee.