Air Brakes


This one day course is a prerequisite of the Class 1 or 3 training. We cover all the components of the Air Brake system and prepare you for the knowledge exam you will take at registries upon completion of this course.

About the Course

After completion you will receive a certificate of completion which you will take to registries. After you successfully complete the knowledge portion of the course the registry will stamp your certificate. At that point if you are continuing on to further training in the truck, you can put that sheet aside in a safe place until you finish your truck training – it expires after 12 months so if you are experiencing a delay in training or are not continuing on give the sheet back to the registry agent and they will put the Q endorsement on your license. If you don’t complete the knowledge portion the certificate DOES NOT expire.

There is both an in-classroom portion to this course as well as an outdoor practical – so please dress for the weather.

If you lose your certificate we do charge an administrative fee of $100.00+gst for replacement. If you loose a stamped certificate you will have to re-write the knowledge portion of the course again.

We offer refresher courses for those individuals that have taken Air Brakes would like to refresh their knowledge of the system. the cost for that is $200+gst

Please note that failure to advise us of not being able to attend any booked course will result in refusal of a refund. Courses and training time are booked for you and usually cannot be filled if you don’t advise us 72 hours before the course.