Experience and Equivalency Class 1 MELT program


We are please to share the new option for Class 3Q drivers to obtain their Class 1 MELT drivers license. Alberta Transportation recently launched the Experience and Equivalency Class 1 MELT program.

This program is for Class 3Q drivers who have been actively using their Class 3Q license for the past 2 years. Drivers must apply to be eligible with the following criteria.

To take the Experience and Equivalency Class 1 MELT Program, drivers must:

Hold a current Alberta Class 3 driver’s licence, have held an Alberta Class 3 driver’s licence or the equivalent driver’s licence from another Canadian jurisdiction for two (2) or more years.

To demonstrate that they meet this criterion, drivers must provide one of the following:

    • A signed letter(s) from an employer that states you have a minimum of two years work experience operating a single motor vehicle with three or more axles. The letter must include the employer’s contact information.

    • A daily log book for a two year-period that meets the requirements under outlined in the Drivers’ Hours of Service Regulation or the Government of Canada’s Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulation.

    • For individuals who are self-employed – A signed letter(s) from customers or suppliers that specifies that you operate a vehicle with three or more axles to provide your service to them and have provided the service for a minimum of two years. The letter must include the customers’ or suppliers’ contact information.
Below is the overview of the requirements as well as the application for this program:



Please note, because Alberta is the only jurisdiction with the Equivalency program it may NOT be recognized when you transfer your license. Please refer to the Alberta Transportation web page for more details.

Please note that failure to advise us of not being able to attend any booked course/session will result in refusal of a refund. Courses and training time are booked for you and usually cannot be filled if you don’t advise us 72 hours before the course